How To Install Siri Android

How to install Siri Android on my device?


1. First you need to download the app from our download page. Android apps end in the filetype .apk

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2. Install the drivers or your device on your computer. If you have Windows 7 or 8 this will be done automatically when you connect it with USB. If not look up drivers online for your device by brand and model such as “Samsung Galaxy windows vista drivers”.

Install Siri Android

Mass Storage Mode

3. Make sure your devie is in “Mass Storage” mode. Most devices are in this mode by default so this should not be an issue.


4. From the computer, drag your downloaded .apk file to your tablet internal or SD storage.


5. From the device, launch your file manager and tap on the .apk file.

6. The device will recognize the the file and ask if you want to install it. Click Install.

Install Siri Android

Now you can open the application Siri on Android from your home screen or app screen. You’ll hear two quick beeps and see “What can I help you with?” on the screen. You can now start speaking to Siri on Android